What I know is true

Everyone is fascinating.  The moments in between are the most provocative.  Connection is everything.

My photography career has been a 30 year in the making exploration of the human spirit. I lived the first half of my life in California photographing people.  If there wasn't a person in the photograph, it wasn't interesting to me. Thus began my awareness of my fascination with the human spirit. When I moved to NYC in 1998 I began documenting weddings. My knack for seeing the unscripted moments throughout the vast landscape of connections and emotions of the day became my trademark.   Then I had kids.  I watched them grow with awe and wonder, thrilled at the chance to document the ordinary rituals of my own life.  From this was born my love of the ordinary. Eventually my couples started having families of their own and reached out to me to document their small wonders. Every family I witnessed got me swept up in the delight of their connections, passionately wielding my camera to bear witness to the extraordinary that makes up the fabric of who they are.  Over time Moms, Dads, Brides and Grooms reached out to me to bring my curious enthusiasm to photograph their businesses - events, marketing material, head shots, services... and from there brings me to today.  Whether I am documenting a baby, a bride, a birthday, or a business, my exploration of the human spirit continues to be my driving passion. 

My photography is the tool with which I have been blessed to reveal the sweetness of this beautiful life.  I would love to bring my camera into your life and show you what I see.


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