All sessions include edited high resolution JPG files for you to keep, and an online private web gallery to view and download your files from.


Slice of Life $1000

  • 1-2 hour family session

  • 20 image Lifestory Book

I join you for a moment in time to reflect back in pictures the geniune, authentic connections you all share. Typically we’ll shoot in your home, and sometimes we might wander to a nearby park or else we can meet at your favorite hangout spot.  We end up spending about 2 hours together.  I find it very helpful to plan a family activity to keep the focus off the camera and inspire real moments. In our consult we’ll brainstorm to discover what will light up your family session. 


A Day in the Life $2900

  • 10 hours of photography

  • 65 image Lifestory Album

Photo Verité documentation of a day in the life of your family. From pancakes to bedtime stories, let me witness you on this wild ride, and capture all the beauty of the ordinary and the extraordinary moments that make up your beautiful life. Similar to the slice of life session, we will brainstorm to map out a day that feels authentic and inspired.

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A Year in Pictures $3500

  • Three 1-2 hour sessions

  • At year’s end, 100 of your favorite images will be bound into an Heirloom Album.

Three Slice of Life sessions, spread evenly apart throughout the year, to witness the growth and changes of your family. At the year’s end, we will collaborate to create a custom designed Hierloom album with personal antidotes and up to 100 images from the year’s favorites. A great way to document the ever changing expressions and milestones of a new member entering the family.